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We are unmatched in customer service, quality assurance, and attention to detail.

• Easy software integration
• 24 hour live customer support
• Fast bill collection

Ozean Private Equity and Ozean Management is the top in it's field of Medical Billing.
With our state-of-the-art software, we can track patients to make sure we receive all the billing and no patient's charges are missed.

Our clients are given the opportunity view patient's balances, print reports, and gain online access to all of their necessary account information via anywhere in the world via web or mobile...something unlike any other Medical Billing company offers.

We can integrate our software with your existing clinical/administrative software to make transition seamless.

Our staff can verify patient's eligibility and benefits quickly and easily which will reduce the time your staff is spending on the phone.

Why Medical Billing?

The simple answer is: our team will work for you and help your Surgery Center, Medical Practice, or Facility run smoothly and efficiently by
handling all the necessary paperwork, phone calls, and follow-ups in regards to collecting revenue for you. Which amounts to one thing ... more freedom for you.

Billing & Collections

Fee Analysis
Specialized billing for facilities, groups, and individual practioners
Expert Advise from excperience for ASC's/Hospitals
Revenue Enhancement
Strategic pricing
Group fee schedule development
Coding analysis

Management of Accounts Receivable

AR Analysis
Patient balance management and recommendations
Appeals for additional revenue

Contract and Credentialing

Contract review and negotiation
Payer contract evaluations and negotiations
Annual Insurance Re-negotiation
ASC Contracting and Negotiation
Out of network registration
Physician and/or Practice credentialing start up
Annual Credentialing Maitenence
Physician insurance enrollment
Nurse Practicioner and Physician Assistant Credentialing
Medicare Enrollment

Operations Management

Administration and support services
Profit Market Analysis through Gross/Net collection Percent Trend Analysis
Medical office personnel training
Computer setup and training
Customer service training
Customizable month end reports
Coding assistance
Continued billing support
Patient flow management
Business plan development
Policy and procedure formation

Speciality Areas

Neurology and Spine
Cardiology & Interventional Cardiology
Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
Pain Management
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy
Diagnostic Radiology/Imaging
General Surgery
Pathology and Lab
Pulmonary and Urology
Interventional Medicine
Sleep and Durable medical equipment


Marketing Materials (Brochures, info packets, visual aids, web content, demonstrations)
Website development
Establishing referral patterns
Hiring of staff


Our committment to excellence and ethical business practices are our utmost priority


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